There's no business like

Show Business

The Media and Entertainment Industry is called “Show Business” for a reason. Filmmakers, Actors, Voice Actors, Commercial Models, Set Makeup Artists and Set Hairstylists are entrepreneurs. The main objective of any business is to make money or a profit. That’s why successful businesses use marketing strategies.

Strategic marketing is beneficial for Show Business as well. Are you a relatively unknown actor? Do you have skills that can be used on set? Are you producing or releasing a film or television show? What you need most is to be seen. Besides the general public, you have to let people in the Media and Entertainment Industry know who you are and what you have to offer. With proper marketing, the invisible can become visible.

Our Formula

Publicity + Marketing = Success

Someone is probably searching, but doesn't know where to find you. Get your name out there and say, "Here I am, look no further!".


An Electronic Press Kit (more commonly known as an EPK) is a visually appealing résumé comprised of film clips, hyperlinks, pictures, biography, career highlights, and other relevant information. This is helpful for  journalists, media, blogs, festivals, radio broadcasters, promoters, agents, managers, etc. who want to find out more about you. A successful EPK represents you and your brand.

Promo Tools

Whether you’re new to the Media and Entertainment industry or already represented by an established agency, it is your responsibility to promote yourself. We offer basic promotional  tools that are as distinctive as you are. The primary objective is to raise brand awareness and generate interest.

press releases

Press Releases

No matter how talented you are, no one can hire you or see your film if they don’t know you exist. Do you have a great story to tell about your journey or new projects? We will write a captivating press release and distribute nationally to major media outlets. The press release in itself is a valuable marketing tool, but the media attention can also lead to news or magazine articles, interviews, or reviews. You don’t have to toot your own horn, we’ll toot it for you!

As Seen


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