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Pinnacle Digital Agency LLC was founded out of necessity. I was ready to launch a digital marketing business when my planned launch date had to be postponed due to coronavirus. My chosen niche was drastically affected, so it was back to the drawing board for me. Finding a different niche that I was equally adept at was more difficult than anticipated. I was all over the place! Eventually, I had a “Duh” moment! Why not use my marketing and graphic design skills for the entertainment industry? I had been a “momager,” so this was definitely within my skill set!

Through managing my son, I learned it was my responsibility to promote his acting and modeling career. With that in mind, I decided on what I considered to be the most essential and effective marketing strategies for the Media and Entertainment Industry.

An important part of our marketing strategy is creative design. Eye-catching visuals on your website or in social media will garner attention thereby potentially increasing your fan base. Drawing from my own experience, I chose to make available marketing tools that I consider necessary or unique to the Media and Entertainment industry like Comp Cards, EPKs, One Sheets and Promo Videos. In addition, we offer professionally written press releases with syndicated distribution. The bottom line is people need to know that you exist. That’s why I came up with the tagline, “Let people know you’re there.”

Barbara E. Newbern


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Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Pinnacle Digital Agency was founded to help clients get the recognition that they deserve. Through visually appealing marketing materials the unfamiliar can become familiar and the unknown known.

Our Vision:

We want to make Media and Entertainment Industry Professionals look more interesting so people will be interested in them.

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