Did you know that it’s the parent’s responsibility to promote their OWN CHILD and market their career, not their agent or manager?

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There's no business like

Show Business

“The entertainment industry is called show business for a reason. Entertainment workers have to sell themselves if they want to stay competitive,” said Barbara E. Newbern, Founder/CEO, Pinnacle. “Skills and talent will only get them so far, especially if no one knows they exist. Meanwhile, opportunities are passing them by.”

Press releases and EPK’s (electronic press kits) are an essential component of the Pinnacle marketing strategy. They place entertainment industry professionals in the public eye by sharing current information and compelling stories with the news media. “A press release is sort of like advertising without using advertisements and an EPK is a portfolio with career highlights,” explained the Founder/CEO. “We use them to hype up our clients and reach a wider audience.”

At Pinnacle Digital Agency LLC, the career, style, genre, and individuality of each entertainment worker is taken into consideration. All marketing materials reflect their brand personality with brand cohesion wherever possible.

Our Formula

Publicity + Marketing = Success

Someone is probably in need of a kid like yours for their upcoming project, but doesn't know where to find them. Get their name out there and say, "Here's my kid, look no further!".


No matter how talented you are, no one can hire you if they don’t know you exist. Do you have a great story to tell about your journey or new projects? We will write a captivating press release and distribute nationally to major media outlets. The press release in itself is a valuable marketing tool, but the media attention can also lead to news or magazine articles, interviews, or reviews. You don’t have to toot your own horn, we’ll toot it for you! (If you would like to see our Writing Samples, send a request through our Contact Form.)

What exactly do we do?

We create brand links for your website or digital brand, and syndicate them with high-quality news sites. All press releases are professionally written by our team, an unbiased third party. To make your particular story newsworthy and credible, we give it a strong news angle that is interesting, well-researched, and catchy. 

Press Releases will not be submitted for syndication without your approval. 

Our Press Release service includes:

  • Professionally Written 400-500 word Release
  •  AP Newsroom for Journalists (private member only site for 30,000+ Journalists. Note: This is not APNews.com). AP will send your story for “Internal/Editorial” to USA Today, New York Times, Wall Street Journal (for the possibility of being published as a news story)
  • Made available to Journalists and Bloggers through our Media Desk
  • Up to 5 Images
  • YouTube Video Embed
  • Sent to 80+ Online Syndication Sites (TV, Radio, News Journal, etc.)
  • Pickup Report with article placement locations

*Due to high demand, our turnaround time for this service can take up to 5-10 Business Days to complete.


An Electonic Press Kit (more commonly known as an “EPK”) is a visually appealing résumé comprised of pictures, biography, career highlights, and other relevant information. This is helpful for  journalists, media, blogs, festivals, radio broadcasters, promoters, agents, managers, etc. who want to find out more about you. A successful EPK represents you and your brand.

What exactly do we do?

We take your headshot, other photos, bio, career highlights, press clippings, contact info, etc. and create a digital document that will help you stand-out from the crowd. (Check-out our interactive EPKs on this page and our home page to see how it works!)

Our Press Kit service includes:

  • Interactive Design
  • PDF Version
  • Content Animation
  • Embed Code for Website
  • Images
  • Videos 
  • Music Clips 

*Due to high demand, our turnaround time for this service can take up to 5-10 Business Days to complete.

Ready? Let's get started.

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Step 2 – Fill-out all requested information.

Step 3 – Upload Pics, Videos, Biography, Music, etc.

Step 4 – Sign our Client Service Agreement.

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